Data retention

Mailpiece data

Beginning September 1, 2022, Lob’s standard (or “default”) policy will be to retain mailpiece data for a period of ninety (90) days.
This means that all data specific to a particular mailpiece will be deleted once it is more than 90 days old. The default retention policy is aimed at maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring data security and privacy.
Lob stores mailpiece data for a minimum of thirty-three (33) days, which is necessary for billing purposes.

API logs

Lob's logs of requests and responses to and by our API (API Logs) are retained for 30 days. Similar to mailpiece data, we provide customers the option to export this log data before it expires using the "Export" button at the top of the page of the API Logs section in the dashboard.

Deleted data

Deleted data cannot be recovered. It is not possible to recover data after it has been deleted, which means it cannot be accessed or “undeleted.” Deleted mailpieces cannot be browsed for, and will not appear in search results.
Should you need to retain mailpiece data for legal, regulatory, or compliance purposes, you may download it before the 90-day retention period passes.
We delete data associated with:
  • checks
  • letters
  • postcards
  • self-mailers
  • any inline address data related to the above
We DO NOT delete:
  • campaign data (metadata, results, etc)
  • unsent mailpieces
  • mail tracking data
  • mail analytics data
  • addresses created using Addresses API
For more information regarding Lob’s Data Retention Policy, please reach out to your Account Manager, or email [email protected].