Simon Data

Lob + Simon Data: Drive growth everywhere

Simon Data brings a simple, highly effective workflow to multi-channel marketing. Through its powerful CDP, Simon allows marketers to integrate data from any source, unify customer profiles, segment in real time, and orchestrate customer journeys across all marketing touchpoints. Lob empowers Simon users to coordinate direct mail with their online channels, using consistent and personalized messaging to drive customer loyalty and engagement across email, SMS, push, and other digital channels.

Turn first-time customers into life-long brand advocates

Simon Data’s powerful B2C marketing orchestration capabilities empower your marketing team to provide consistent, relevant messaging throughout the customer lifecycle. Simon combines powerful, predictive modeling with sophisticated testing and experimentation. The result is a system that enables you to maximize engagement, fine-tuning each customer journey with the right messaging, touchpoints, and product recommendations. Lob enables you to fully harness Simon’s capabilities offline, bringing automated direct mail production, personalization, and analytics to your multi-channel stack. That means you can truly engage with customers, build loyalty, and drive CLTV across all channels, all from a single hub.

Do away with silos, disconnects, and workarounds

40% of marketers rate their “inability to link different technologies” as a top technological challenge. Siloed data, disconnected channels, incompatible schemas, and the sheer complexity of your marketing stack can hamstring your marketing team. You can’t engage customers in real-time if you’re forced to wait on manual data pulls, or slog through elaborate workarounds. Legacy direct mail in particular is a major pain point, because it is almost completely siloed. The slow cadence and separate, manual workflow of legacy DM prevent marketers from fully integrating it with digital channels into a coherent customer journey.

Simon’s CDP provides a unified customer view to your marketing workflows, coordinating all your tools and data sources into a seamless whole. Targeted communications are infused with historical and real-time data, supported by robust segmentation and personalization capabilities. Lob integrates fully automated direct mail into Simon, enabling you to plan, execute, and track your omnichannel campaigns with a single workflow. That means you can focus on getting the right content to the right audience across the right touchpoints.

Turn marketing optimization into a science

Traditionally, direct mail optimization is limited compared to digital channels. Most companies using legacy direct mail have little ability to personalize letters or track results, forcing them to rely on less effective techniques like mass mailers. Lob provides 100% personalization for every mailpiece, and enables you to track deliveries and conversions just like you would with email. Combining Lob’s direct mail automation with Simon’s powerful optimization and orchestration capabilities lets you truly optimize your multi-channel campaign.

Simon’s native integration with Lob supports triggered campaigns for a variety of loyalty and retention use cases. and streamlines workflow for both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Marketers can get hands-on with customer data, experiment and execute campaigns, and analyze results all within the same UI. And your team can conduct the same experiments, tests, and analyses on DM campaigns as they would for any digital channel.

Identify and engage customers on their own terms

Consumers are harder to track than ever before. They research products and engage with brands across multiple channels, devices, and accounts, making it difficult to identify individuals and tie together interactions. At the same time, they expect a highly personalized experience from the brands they interact with. Simon Data solves your identity resolution challenges with Simon Identity. This enables you to merge multiple customer interactions into a single profile, without depending on a single identifier like email address. Lob augments this capability with automated address verification, so you can engage with your customers online and offline.

Are Simon Data + Lob right for you?

Simon Data is a powerful CDP designed around the unique needs of B2C marketing. With powerful native tools and extensive integration, it can serve a range of use cases, including:

  • A centralized hub to unify and consolidate your customer data sources

  • A self-service automation and segmentation tool, enabling marketers to fully utilize their data without depending on the help desk

  • A rapid testing and optimization toolset to fine-tune and personalize customer experience

  • A sophisticated data integration and governance platform, managing your entire customer data ecosystem

Because Simon Data serves so many roles, Lob users in B2C industries should weigh Simon Data’s capabilities against their current pain points and tech stack functionality to identify use cases.

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