Shopify App: Address Cleanser

Shopify overview

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store to sell their products. With Lob’s Address Verification integration, you can validate every address submitted within your Shopify store, ensuring that your addresses are deliverable and that shipments arrive at the right place.


  • Ensures accuracy by correcting mistakes and misspelled addresses

  • Suggested addresses meet USPS address formatting requirements with data standardization

  • Flag missing mandatory delivery fields such as unit numbers, streets suffixes, etc.

  • Identify P.O. Boxes and residential or commercial buildings

  • Reduce non deliverable addresses with delivery verification

Getting started

Step 1: Visit the Shopify store

Visit the “Lob Address Cleanser” page in Shopify and add the app to your store:

Step 2: Install Lob’s Address Cleanser

Once you click “Add app”, Shopify will guide you through the installation process, which will require you to select your store and click their “install app” button.

Step 3: Customize your shopper’s experience

Once installed, you’ll be taken directly to Lob’s Address Cleanser getting started page within Shopify. Address Cleanser will be disabled by default once installed, and here you’ll have the option to customize the experience your customers will see in your store. You can customize the font type as well as color theme to match your branding.

The above popup will show to your customers after they have submitted their order to give them the option to correct and dial in their shipping address for more accurate delivery.

Step 4: Enable Address Cleanser on your store

Payment details are required in order to set Address Cleanser live on your Shopify store. Click the “View Plans” tab within the Lob Address Cleanser app, and you’ll see two options for you to submit payment:

  1. If you’re an existing Lob customer, you can link your Lob live environment API key to the Shopify account, and you’ll be set! Address Verification will be live and enabled on your Shopify store.

  2. If you’re not a Lob customer, you can use the left widget which will allow you to connect payment through Shopify. As a new customer to Lob, enjoy 300 address verifications on us! After 300, you’ll be charged $.02 for a verification in the United States. $.04 for international orders.

You’ll see an option in which you can set a max spend per month, and after setting, you’ll be taken to a final screen to approve the billing through Shopify’s portal. Click “Approve” and you’re set!

Step 5: Sit back, relax, and have confidence around your addresses

Now that Lob’s Address Cleanser is up and running on your store, know that the addresses coming into your Shopify account are deliverable and validated. If any incorrect information is provided by the customer, the customer will have a chance to correct it by selecting the address we automatically corrected for them, or allowing them to go back and edit their address.

Once updated, a customer will then see the updated address on their checkout screen. As a merchant, you will see the updated and latest address in your orders list for that customer.

We hope you enjoy Address Cleanser! If you have any questions, reach out to us or check our Support page.

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