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If you've spent long hours preparing an audience list by appending data, you also know that your direct mail campaign can only be successful if your mail actually makes it to the recipient in the first place.

Similar to digital campaigns, physical mail campaigns need postal address verification so that physical mailers can check the accuracy of the addresses on their list, fix mistakes, and avoid undeliverable mail. Lob's Address Verification solution suite can ensure that submitted addresses are accurate and ready to be mailed, and reduce costly mistakes that end up undelivered and returned or thrown away.

Additionally, if your business is operating in a growing web of complex regulatory requirements, maintaining good address hygiene can play a critical role in meeting compliance and reducing friction in your customer experiences.

Here at Lob, our suite of products can help improve your business in the following ways:

  • Improve deliverability by ensuring the physical address in question is deliverable

  • Mitigate erroneous data inputs or fraudulent transactions through cleansing and verification

  • Validate recipient identity by ensuring individuals and businesses reside at their stated address

Read on for further information on our Address Verification suite.

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