SDKs & libraries


Currently, we have SDKs available for the following languages:


Lob's TypeScript SDK can be installed through NPM: $ npm i @lob/lob-typescript-sdk

To build and install from the latest source: $ git clone

$ npm install

Learn more at the lob-typescript-sdk repository on GitHub.

Don’t see your favorite language?

Let us know which language you’d like us to support next. Drop us an email.


Address Elements

Address Elements works by targeting the input elements of your address form and using their values with Lob's verification and autocomplete functionality.


Create an account at to obtain a Live Public API Key. The key is available in the Lob settings panel and uses the format, live_pub_*.


Embed the Lob Address Elements script immediately before the closing tag in the HTML containing your address form. The script will autodetect your form and its inputs.

<script src="" data-lob-key="live_pub_xxx">

Learn more at the address-elements repository on GitHub.

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