Snap packs

A snap pack is a pressure-sealed mailer with perforated sides for easy opening. Snap pack mailers are versatile and can be used by a wide range of industries including Financial Services, Education, and Healthcare. The official-looking nature of snap packs demands attention, offers unique tactile engagement, and has one of the highest open rates among mail types.

To get started with snap packs, check out our API documentation, or Template Gallery for inspiration.

Snap packs are exclusive to Enterprise edition customers. Upgrade your Print & Mail edition to gain access to this mail format, or reach out to our sales team to learn more.

Snap packs currently have a 4-day SLA.

Layout dimensions & specs

Layout dimensions

Lob’s snap pack offering has a flat, final trim size of 8.5x11”, a folded (in half) dimension of 8.5x5.5", and three perforated sides. Snaps packs are printed double-sided in black and white or color.

Reference our design templates on where to place your design elements; carefully note the location of the address block and other ink-free zones.

Snap packs DO NOT need additional trim space added to their dimensions because their production journey does not involve trimming (the way a postcard would). Please set your document sizing to the above dimensions when submitting to Lob.

Make sure all artwork submissions are facing upright for both inside and outside panels. Our printers will invert the inside panel of submitted customer artwork during the production phase.

Paper specs

We use a few pre-approved papers across our commercial printer network. In ensuring uniform quality and consistency across all of our mail pieces, each paper source specification must fall within a small range.

The specification/value range pairs are:

  • 8.5 x 11" B&W & color snap packs

  • Basis Weight: 80# text

  • Bi-fold

Ink-free zone dimensions

8.5x11" snap packs:

  • ½” around the entire flat piece (for perforation)

Snap pack best practices

Ensure your snap pack self-mailers get to their final destination by following these guidelines:

  • The from field is required for all self-mailers, regardless of the destination

  • Snap pack should not contain any PII outside of the no-ink zone

  • Avoid any prohibited artwork to ensure your mail does not get rejected by USPS

  • HIPAA-compliant snap packs are not offered at this time, as snap packs are not placed in envelopes

  • Mailing Class options may differ based on destination and use type (e.g. promotional vs non-promotional)

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