Reaching your audience

The first step to any successful direct mail program is the ability to piece together an audience list for effective targeting. This is because reaching customers with direct mail that is relevant and contextual to their needs can maximize your responses and lead to high channel ROI. The days of sending mail indiscriminately to every household within a given area using the "spray and pray" method are long over.
However, good audience segmentation and targeting is heavily dependent on having quality data, which can impact how your mail is planned, produced, mailed, and converted. Lob provides various ways to improve your address data hygiene and deliverability, and ways to augment your first-party data with additional datasets to increase reach.

Audience data augmentation

We partner with third-party data providers to offer a wide range of data augmentation capabilities:
  • In-market lead lists
  • Website identity resolution
  • Record completion
  • Demographic or speciality appends: geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic
  • Lookalike or predictive modeling
  • Conversion analysis

Address standardization and deliverability

  • Address Verification API: Incorporate Address Verification to confirm and standardize your postal addresses so that your mail data can stay as accurate as possible
  • National Change of Address (NCOA): Pass your addresses through Lob's NCOA functionality to identify and reduce bad addresses from a national database of names and addresses

Import and map your audience

Learn more about Lob's audience data offerings: