Booklets are a unique way to promote your products, services, or brand to potential and existing customers. Smaller than a typical magazine, our digest booklets are a snackable, tangible tool for storytelling.

8.375x5.375โ€ booklet

  • Utilizes offset printing, a traditional method of printing used for static mailpieces; though slightly lower in cost, the artwork/copy of this booklet cannot be personalized.

  • Available in 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32 pages.

  • There is a minimum order size of 10,000.

  • Booklets have a 4-day production SLA

Booklets are exclusive to Enterprise edition customers. Upgrade your Print & Mail edition to gain access to this mail format, or reach out to our sales team to learn more.

Dimensions & specs

Layout dimensions

Booklet sheets are folded horizontally resulting in side-by-side panels to be read left to right, like a book.

Artwork should be submitted (and will preview) as a printerโ€™s spread. Each of our layout templates include page numbers to guide you.

What is a "printer's spread"?

This layout is not in consecutive page order. Instead, pages are paired so that only after the booklet is printed, assembled, and folded, all the pages appear in the correct numerical order for the reader.

  • From the front cover (page 1), follow a zigzag pattern to the left page of the next spread (page 2)

  • Keep this zigzag numbering pattern until you get to the bottom. Then go directly across from left to right

  • Return back up the page in a similar zigzag "ladder" until you get back to the top with your last page

Please refer to our layout templates for where to place your design elements; pay close attention to address/postage block and safe zones.

8.375x5.375" layout template

The 8.375x5.375 booklet is produced on an offset printer & mailpieces cannot be personalized.

Artwork considerations

  • Booklet sheets are printed double-sided in black and white or color.

  • Note zone around binding is 0.125โ€ from either side of the midline/fold (.25โ€ total). Artwork may be placed here, but note it will be impacted by the fold.

  • Minimum booklet size: 8 pages (2 sheets of paper, with 2 panels printed on the front and back of each).

    • Page count must increase by 4 pages (1 sheet of paper) at a time.

  • Maximum booklet size:

    • 8.375x5.375โ€ [OFFSET]: 32 Pages (8 sheets of paper)

Ink-free zone dimensions

8.375x5.375โ€ digest booklet [OFFSET]

  • W x H: 4 x 2.375"

  • 0.15" from the center fold line

  • 0.125" from the top edge (including bleed)

  • Placement: Left panel outside back

Paper specs

We use a few pre-approved papers across our commercial printer network. In ensuring uniform quality and consistency across all of our mail pieces, each paper source specification must fall within a small range.

8.375x5.375โ€ digest booklet [OFFSET]

  • Basis Weight: 60# Gloss Text

  • Full Bleed

Binding & Closure

For artwork, regardless of booklet size, note zone around the binding: 0.15โ€ from either side of the midline/fold (.3โ€ total). Artwork may be placed here, but it will be impacted by the fold.

All booklets, regardless of page count, will be saddle-stitched with two staples.

  • In saddle stitching, folded sheets of paper are nested in one another, then stacks are draped over a holding device (the paper hangs over each side like legs on a saddle). Then, long wire staples are threaded, or โ€œstitchedโ€ through the paper; two staples is the standard.

All booklets, regardless of page count, will have a three-tab closure (wafer seals) for postal regulations.

  • Wafer seals are self-adhesive paper disks used to prepare self-mailing materials for delivery or to seal envelopes securely without glue.

Booklet best practices

Ensure your booklets get to their final destination by following these guidelines:

  • The "from" field is required for all booklets, regardless of the destination

  • Booklets should not contain any PII outside of the no-ink zone

  • HIPAA-compliant booklets are not offered at this time, as booklets are not placed in envelopes

  • Avoid any prohibited artwork to ensure your mail does not get rejected by USPS

  • Mailing Class options may differ based on destination and use type (e.g. promotional vs non-promotional)

Coming soon: Up next on our roadmap is a 9x6" digitally printed booklet offering full personalization via merge variables. Talk to your Account Manager for more information.

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