Building a mail strategy

Another crucial pillar of building your direct mail program with Lob is to determine your direct mail strategy.

Just like any other digital channel, using direct mail can help in attracting new customers and expanding your reach to your target audience. However, success is predicated on the careful cultivation and analysis of quality data, iterative testing, and creative content.

As an automation technology platform, Lob places the power of direct mail automation strategy directly in the hands of our customers. As a result, you have access to a broader set of tools at your disposal to better calibrate how you execute your direct mail campaigns, which can be optimized over time to create a highly performative channel.

Stop relying on spray-and-pray strategies that spams every mailbox, and start thinking about the most (cost) effective ways to get in front of the audience that matters the most with content that's actually relevant to them. Lob can be your partner in this journey.

Read the articles in this section to see what areas you can optimize in your mail sends.

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