User settings

View and adjust user-level settings in the Team tab in your dashboard; these can also be viewed by selecting the user name (bottom right of left navigation menu), then User Settings.

User roles & permissions

There are three types of user permission levels available that can be provided to any Lob account user:

  • Administrator gives unrestricted access to everything. You can see API keys, update payment information, invite new users and edit existing users, manage custom inventory, etc. By default, the first creator of the Lob account is an Administrator.

  • Read & Write lets users use the API and view past API requests, but does not allow access to certain account information. Read & Write users cannot view or update payment information, change pricing plans, edit or delete other team members, or edit company information.

  • Read Only only lets users view past API requests. Read Only users cannot see API keys, create test or live API requests, upgrade your API Version, view or update payment information, change pricing plans, edit, delete, or invite other team members, or edit company information.

Inviting team members

Using the "+ Add Team Member" button at the bottom of the page in the Team tab, you can add team members to join your Lob account. All users on an account share the same API keys and payment method.

The maximum number of users you can add to your account is dictated by your current Print & Mail edition. Depending on which Edition, you may only have the ability to create Read & Write and Read Only users.

Other user actions

  • To activate pending users, send another email by clicking on the "Resend Invite" button for the user in question. Users must accept their invitation and log in to join your team.

  • To re-invite a deleted user to your account, reach out to support at with your Account ID.

  • To add users to your team who've already created separate accounts, contact with your Account IDs.

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