No-code integrations

Easy automation from within the Lob dashboard

Easily set up and manage trigger-based campaigns to integrate direct mail into your customer journeys. These solutions are best-fit options for teams that don't have easy access to engineering resources to build a full API integration and would like to connect to their customer data right from the Lob dashboard.

From the Integrations dashboard, users can connect and authenticate their CRM account, then from within the Campaigns tool, manage what changes or events trigger mail and automate the dispatch of individual mailpieces using these triggers.

This feature is currently in closed beta while we continue to expand functionality. Reach out to your Account Manager to enable or sign up here.

Available integrations within Lob

Your feedback will help us prioritize the next integration: Please note your interest here or reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your needs.

How to send automated campaigns from the Lob dashboard

Once functionality has been enabled in your account, you will be able to execute the following.

First, connect to CRM

From the Integrations tab on the Lob dashboard, you can add or manage available connections. Detailed instructions for each available platform are linked above.

Then, you can set up an automated campaign

Users can directly create an automated campaign from the Integration section or click the “Create Campaign” button at the top of any dashboard page to launch the campaign creation flow.

  1. When you enter the Campaigns workflow, select the Automated option. This setting means that the mailpiece you create will be automatically sent out when the designated trigger, i.e., the change in the database, occurs. (You will set up the trigger in Step 2.)

  1. In Step 1: Configure campaign, select Postcard, (8.5x11) Letter, or Self-Mailer (other mail types or inventory not available).

  1. In Step 2: Add Audience, you will set up a Campaign Trigger.

  • A trigger is the criteria in your database that signals Lob to create mail. Triggers can be a new member being added to a CRM table, an attribute changing about a member in a CRM table, or a date milestone that has occurred in the past or one that is coming up.

    • Row is added trigger function

    • Row is updated trigger function

    • Date based triggers (Future dates, Past dates)

    • Filters

Trigger details:

Record is added

A new member signs up or creates an account, prompting first touch outreach

Record is updated

Something about an existing recipient has changed, i.e., their email address fell off, their address changed, a status changed (a prospect became a customer, or a customer downgrades), so a mailer wants to reach out

Future Dates

Mailer wants to reach out to customers whose renewal is in exactly 60 days, or falls anytime within the next 60 days

Past Dates

Mailer wants to reach out to members who signed up for a trial 14 days ago and encourage sign up for a paid plan


Filter by all types of attributes: - string: cities, states, etc.

- dates: birth dates, sign up dates, etc.

- boolean: true false attributes (e.g., Legacy customer = True or False)

- numeric: number of purchases, etc.

“IS” and “IS NOT” are supported

  1. Apply Advanced Settings.

  • Delay to Print: Timing when the mailpiece gets sent to the recipient

  • Frequency: If the same household meets the trigger logic, the user can control how many times they want to send this out

  • Suppression: Do not send mailpiece if the recipient has converted (coming soon)

  1. Next, you will map the required address variables from columns in the CRM. The data for these variables must be in the same table as the trigger.

  1. Then continue your campaign setup: Step 3: Choose Creative, and Step 4: Review campaign.

Your Lob Credits balance must be $25 or more to place an order for an automated campaign.

  1. After you "Place Order" the automated campaign will remain in an "Active" state and Lob will send out the designated mailpiece when the trigger occurs (whenever a selected change in the CRM/CDP happens).

Managing automated campaigns

An automated campaign can be managed as you would any other in the Lob dashboard: select Campaigns from the left navigation. Filtering is available and you can click into any single campaign for more detail.

Summary-level and detailed information about your campaign will be displayed on the details page.

Pause Campaign or Resume Campaign at any time by clicking the button on the Campaign detail page. When a campaign is paused, Lob will not produce mail in response to any new trigger matches. Any already triggered/queued mailpieces will still go out.

Mailpieces can be canceled individually or in bulk from the View All Mailpieces tab on the campaign's detail page.

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