HubSpot has a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps companies manage their contacts, deals, and tasks.

The HubSpot integration with Lob allows you to automate direct mail campaigns within the Lob dashboard, based on any change within your HubSpot instance.

No-code integrations are exclusive to our users on paid plans. Upgrade your Print & Mail edition to gain access, or contact our sales team to learn more.

How to connect Lob to HubSpot

  1. Within the Lob Dashboard, navigate to the Integrations page and click on the “HubSpot” tile view the HubSpot details page. Click on the “Connect” button to begin.

  2. This will open a modal to create a new HubSpot account or sign in to an existing one. If you’re already logged into HubSpot in another window or tab, it may auto-detect. Enter the credentials for the HubSpot account you want to connect.

  • The account used must have permission to share Contact information to authenticate.

  1. After authentication, Lob will begin the ‘Connect’ phase, reading your HubSpot schema. This async process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your HubSpot instance. You will receive an email when it’s complete.

  2. Once you have successfully connected your Hubspot account to Lob, the label will show “Connected."

Once you’ve successfully connected Lob to your Salesforce account, you can set up an Automated campaign from within the Campaigns flow.

Additional notes

  • After the initial connection, Lob will update to pull the latest schema from your account. Changes to HubSpot objects or columns will be reflected once complete.

  • This can also be completed manually if you need to pull in these changes prior to building a campaign: From the Integrations page, then the HubSpot Integration Details page, click “Refresh Schema."

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