Designing mail creatives

Making your design mailable

The first pillar of building your direct mail program with Lob is to design your mail creatives.

Creating a well-designed mail piece can elevate your brand amongst other mail pieces in the mail box, communicate your value prop effectively, and actually deliver results. Design applies to imagery as well as text and copy, and a clear, easily identified CTA or promotion can make a material difference in the level of responses you may receive.

When sending programmatic mail through the Lob platform, it is important to make sure that digital designs can effectively translate into physical print with the right set of instructions, whether they are static or dynamic creatives.

Anatomy of a mailpiece

When you send an API request to Lob, you are sending 3 pieces of information:

  1. the "To" address,

  2. the "From" address, and

  3. the content.

This section contains some best practices to follow when designing creative content for Lob. Read on to learn more about each of the design components needed in your mail creatives.

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