Postcards stand out in direct marketing for their ability to deliver eye-catching, concise content that engages recipients instantly, making them highly effective for promotional campaigns. For transactional or operational communications, their streamlined, envelope-free design ensures important information is immediately visible, enhancing clarity and response rates for critical updates or calls to action.

Let's get started! First, be sure to check out the following resources:

Layout dimensions & specs

Layout dimensions

The front side of the postcard is fully available for customization.

For the backside of the postcard, follow the guidance provided in the templates below to leave enough room for ink-free areas.

You may also add QR codes to your postcards to incorporate personalized tracking.

Paper specs

We use a few pre-approved papers across our commercial printer network. In ensuring uniform quality and consistency across all of our mail pieces; each paper source specification must fall within a small range. The specification/value range pairs are listed below:

  • Basis Weight: 100# - 120#

  • Cover GSM: 255 - 325

  • Full Bleed

  • 1 Side UV Gloss

Ink-free zone dimensions

4x6" Postcards:

  • W x H: 3.2835 x 2.375"

  • 0.275" from the right edge (including bleed)

  • 0.25" from the bottom edge (including bleed)

All other postcard sizes:

  • W x H: 4 x 2.375"

  • 0.275" from the right edge (including bleed)

  • 0.25" from the bottom edge (including bleed)

For all postcards printed by Lob, a Carbon Neutral Mail certification will automatically be included within the official use address block on the backside. Read more about how you can send mail in a more environmentally responsible way with Lob in our Carbon Neutral Mail section.

Postcard best practices

Ensure your postcards get to their final destination by following these guidelines:

  • 4x6" postcards can only be sent via First Class Mail; others can be sent as Marketing Mail (Standard Class Mail)

  • The from field is not required for US postcards, but is required for international destinations

  • Only 4x6" postcards can be sent to international destinations

  • Postcards cannot include any PII outside of the no-ink zone

  • Avoid any prohibited artwork to ensure your mail does not get rejected by USPS

  • We do not recommend placing promotional address information in your creative in the bottom 2.375" of a mailpiece opposite the address panel. This will prevent the USPS from accidentally scanning the wrong side of the mailpiece. Learn more here.

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