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Trigger Lob mailpieces from Marketo with webhooks

Create a Lob webhook within your Marketo instance.

1) The URL you enter for this webhook is going to be Lob's API endpoint for the resource that you're trying to create (e.g., postcard).

2) Choose JSON as the response type for passing Lob parameters and creative data.

  • You can copy and paste the JSON from Lob’s API documentation.

  • In the JSON, pass Lob parameters for the recipient name and address, mapped from Marketo.

  • Include creative data for the content you want to send.

Incorporate Webhhook into a Campaign:

  • Add the webhook to a campaign in Marketo.

  • Define trigger conditions for when the webhook should be activated.

  • Example Campaign: Create a campaign to send a Lob postcard when a specific attribute (e.g., person score) changes. For instance, if a person's score changes to zero, trigger the Lob postcard webhook.

For more detailed assistance, reach out to your Lob connection for personalized guidance on connecting Marketo and Lob.

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