Launch checklist

Intelligent mail checklist

Use this quick list to get started using Lob:

What should I test as I integrate Lob?


Before you go send mail verify that your mail pieces are rendering correctly. Lob's dashboard will show proofs of the mail piece you create (when testing, see video below); a true Creative proof will also render in the Campaigns flow. Proofs are also available in the API response.



  • Lob's HTML render is based on Webkit, but is highly modified to be used with Lob. Test rendering by using your test API key and checking the dashboard for proofs, instead of designing using the browser.


As you integrate Lob, you may find it useful to view logs of your requests. If you send a request with your Test or Live API key, both the request and response will be logged to use for debugging.

For Enterprise customers

Consider these additional steps to send large mail volumes at scale:

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