Low-code automation

Instant automation using easy integrations

These low or no-code automation tools are great for building business workflow automations that include sending mail or verifying addresses without having to write a single line of actual code.
These solutions are best-fit options for teams that don't have easy access to engineering resources to build a full API integration, or would like to use their existing apps/services where they already store customer data, and connect them to Lob.
Have a need for integrating other automation tools you already use? Talk to our team.

Import creatives for easy HTML templating

Struggling with HTML templates to leverage Lob's personalization feature? Can't find dedicated designers and engineers to convert your designs to HTML with each iteration? Fear no more!
You can now easily import your creative designs from popular design programs and quickly spin up merge variables. Take advantage of our full breadth of capabilities for hyper personalization and leverage intelligent mail.